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Protect the environment by recycling your green waste

The natural refuse from your garden, classified as green waste, can be dangerous to the environment if not disposed of properly.

There are ways, however, to get rid of green waste while limiting damage to the environment.

What is green waste?

It is everything from trees that you cut down to grass, leaves, twigs, and potting soil.

These natural products, also known as ‘biological waste’, can cause damage at refuse dumps, with such materials taking up significant space and emitting harmful gases. But all of this garden waste has the potential to become useful when recycled or repurposed.

What can you do?

Recycle green waste

You can use the specific bins that some municipalities and estates supply to residents, ensuring your green waste doesn’t end up at the landfill. Alternatively, you can take it to your local garden waste recycling point.

Since natural products can be used for compost for agricultural purposes, by recycling you can help reduce deforestation and the amount of natural resources that are exploited. Your garden waste can be recycled to produce topsoil, mulch, and compost, reducing the amount of chemicals farmers use.

Most types of garden waste can be recycled, including bark, flowers, grass cuttings, leaves, plants, twigs, and weeds.

It is important that things like plastic, stones, and metal objects are kept to a minimum in garden waste collected for composting, and that grass cuttings which include herbicides aren’t put in the recycling bin.

Do it yourself

You can also recycle and repurpose green waste yourself, and there are multiple ways to ensure you are making a positive difference to the environment.

Set up a compost bin to recycle your garden waste at home. Although there is some routine maintenance, composting is an easy way to recycle garden waste.

Another option is to leave clippings on your lawn after mowing. When trimmed to the correct size, the clippings decompose quickly and add nutrients to the soil.

Grass, leaves and wood scraps can also be used as organic mulch around your flower beds and gardens.

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