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Find the answers to questions we’re asked frequently

Whizzoh Customers

Where do I find the Whizzoh Customer App?
The Whizzoh Customer App is available in the App Store and Google Play Store. You can access these links under “DOWNLOAD APP” in the menu at the top of this website.
Is the App free?
Yes, you do not pay for the use of the App, but do pay for the services provided through the App.
How do I start using the App?
Download the App, and follow the easy to use registration steps.
I don’t have a smartphone to download the app on?

You can use the Whizzoh Progressive Web Application (internet link) on your laptop or PC. Click on the ONLINE APP tab on the menu bar at the top of the website for quick access to the Whizzoh Customers website link.

How many addresses can I register?
As many as you wish. You can mark your most frequently used address as the primary address for quick selection.
Do I have to take a picture of the problem?
It is encouraged to provide a picture along with the description of the work you wish to be done. Taking a picture will enable the service provider to provide a more accurate first time quotation.
When do I pay?
Once you have accepted a bid from a supplier, you will be required to make payment online before the job can commence. Whizzoh will only pay the service provider once the job has been completed and the customer is satisfied with the work done. Should you qualify for a refund, Whizzoh will credit your bank account.
I don’t want to pay upfront for a service I haven’t received yet?

Once you have paid for the job, the funds will be kept by Whizzoh administration. Only once the job has been completed and you have given the service provider a satisfactory rating of 3, 4 or 5 out of 5 will the funds be released to the service provider.

What if the original quotation received isn’t accurate?

Sometimes the job may be bigger than expected and originally quoted for. If the service provider discovers that more materials are required they will first amend the billing and supply you with an updated quote. No additional work will be done unless the customer has accepted the new quote and paid the additional amount.

Can I pay cash for the service provided?

Unfortunately, we do not accept any cash payments.  Whizzoh offers credit card or debit card payment and Instant EFT  options.

How will I be kept informed on the progress of the job?

You will be kept informed via status updates from the service provider. You will either receive a push notification or an SMS to be kept up to date.

Once the service provider is on their way, you will receive a notification reading: “Service provider en-route.”

Once the service provider arrives at your specified address, you will receive a notification reading: “Service provider on site.”

Once the service provider has completed the job, you will receive a notification reading: “Job completed”

What if the service provider is late or can’t make the appointment?

The service provider will contact you should they run late. If the service provider is no longer able to attend to the job, Whizzoh administration will make contact with you to either reschedule or appoint another service provider on the job. It is the customer’s decision to either reschedule or cancel the job.

What if I’m running late or can’t make the appointment?

You can contact the Service Provider directly via the contact number or chat function that is available under the job details and request to change the date and time of the appointment. You can also send a message via the Help function at the top right of the app, or contact Whizzoh on 0861 944 996 and we will relay the message to the Service Provider. Should you cancel the job while the service provider is already on route or on site, you will be liable for cancellations fees as stipulated in the terms and conditions. Should you cancel the job before the service provider is on their way to the job, you will not be liable for any fees.

Where are the service providers sourced from?

The Whizzoh service providers are professionals that are serving in the insurance industry and are utilised by insurance companies across South Africa. Each service provider has gone through a stringent vetting process to ensure that you receive professional service and quality workmanship.

I have a compliment or complaint.

Your compliment or complaint can be submitted via the Support button under the menu within the App. Alternatively, you may send an email to info@whizzoh.co.za. We value all feedback, good or bad, and will make sure we address all issues accordingly.

Whizzoh Partners

Where do I find the Whizzoh Partner App?
Find the links under “For Pros” to download the Online version or the Android or iOS App versions for Whizzoh Partner.
I don’t want the app registered on my number, my staff will be working with the app.

Additional or other staff members can be added on the app under your business name and will have the same functionality. This is made possible by enabling a staff member at registration.

What are the costs involved?

A 10% Whizzoh service fee is charged on the total invoiced amount for each job completed.

When do I get paid?

On completion of the job, the customer will give you a star rating for the service provided. Once your star rating has been confirmed as 3,4 or 5 out of 5, you will be paid within three (3) work days of completion of the job. If the star rating is below 3, Whizzoh administration will investigate the reason for the low rating and release payment accordingly.

I don’t have time to monitor the app all day.

It is not required to monitor the app all the time to see if new job requests have come in. You will receive a notification on your phone every time there is a new job in your area.

I don’t want the app on my phone, can I register on my computer?

Yes, there is an online version available (link is available on the Whizzoh website). However, you will have to register the app on your phone in order to be notified of new jobs in your area, but the rest of the process can be managed on the desktop version.

How many staff members and vehicles can I register for my business?

There is no limit to the number of staff and vehicles that can be registered for your business.

Do I have to bid on every job?

No, only when you are available to provide the service at the requested date and time indicated by the customer. You can however still bid on the job, but provide a suitable time and date according to your schedule.  It is up to the customer to decide if they want to wait a little longer for the service.

Do I have to send the customer an invoice and invoice Whizzoh to get paid?
No, on completion of the job, the customer will receive a system-generated invoice from Whizzoh, and you will receive an invoice generated by Whizzoh, indicating the amount due to you, after the deduction of the service fee.
What if the app doesn’t work or I run into trouble using the app?

Whizzoh has a team that is on standby to assist you, day and night. You can contact us on the Whizzoh dedicated line on 0861 944 996 or send an email to admin@whizzoh.co.za.

Will I have to charge prescribed rates?
No, the costing is left to the discretion of the service provider. The rates charged will however be monitored by Whizzoh administration. The minimum 1st-hour labour fee is set at R50.
What if I can’t make an appointment due to a delay on a previous job or due to an unforeseen issue?

It is important to immediately inform Whizzoh of the delay, and depending on the time delay, Whizzoh administration will either advise the client that you will be able to assist later or dispatch an alternative SP.  Once a bid has been accepted by a customer, you will also have the customer’s contact details and can inform the customer directly of any delays. The customer will however be allowed to cancel the job completely and not be charged at all if they can’t wait for your service.

What if I over/under quote for the job?

Billing can be amended in the app on-site by either adding additional materials or hours required to complete the job. You are also able to give a discount if over-quoted for the job. The customer has to accept or decline the additional quotation, and if accepted, pay the difference before you can continue with the job.

What is the monetary limit for jobs on Whizzoh?

There are no limits set.

How big is my service area?

Job requests are within a 50km radius of your service area.

I have other branches that I would like to activate on Whizzoh.

If your other branches are registered on the Digicall service provider database or on the Whizzoh Partner Portal, we will be able to link them to Whizzoh. Each branch will receive its own unique ID to register with.