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Create a home office without breaking the bank

In a new era which has seen a significant shift, with more people working remotely rather than being based on site, people operating professionally from home is becoming the norm.

If you need to work from your house, you can set up an office space where you can do your job effectively and comfortably without breaking the bank.

Here are some tips on how to do it while managing the costs:

Get the right chair

For various reasons, including posture and comfort, finding the right chair for you is key to creating a comfortable home office space.

Investing in pieces that will make your work time more productive and enjoyable is crucial, and few things are more important than finding the right chair.

Selecting the right colour is equally important, as you want your chair to be welcoming and to fit into your working environment.

A desk and a lamp are also important aspects to consider when designing your home office space.

Hide things away

If you don’t have the privilege of creating an office space in a separate study room, and you need to integrate it into your dining or living room, there are ways to compartmentalise your office environment into your space.

Utilising existing tables and chairs can help, and installing cupboards allows you to put things away when your work is done.

Having a desk with shelves or drawers can also assist in keeping things where you need them without causing unnecessary clutter.

In addition, using extension cords can help you place things where you want them when you need them, and they can be packed away when you’re done.

New things are not necessary

Don’t be scared to purchase second-hand products, which can save you costs without compromising on quality.

Buying used chairs, tables and even computers is a great way to ensure that you give yourself the office environment you need without breaking the bank.

Visiting a local flea market is a good option, otherwise buying pieces online can help you find everything you need.

A bit of refurbishing or some fresh paint can make used items look as good as new.

Additions and conversions

Though you can do much of it yourself, if you really want to upgrade your home office space, hiring a professional can be really helpful, especially if you want to add a new room to your house or convert an unused space.

Of course, this will cost you more money, but by adding a dedicated work space you can increase the value of your home.

It might seem daunting to create an office space for yourself, but some small investments can go a long way in helping you design a spot within your house that makes you more comfortable and productive.

If you need some assistance, Whizzoh’s extensive network of experienced, qualified individuals offer a wide range of services, giving you a chance to expand or personalise your space with no mess and no fuss.

From building and renovation specialists to carpenters and electricians, our vetted experts can help you create the office space you want in your home.

Find out more by downloading the Whizzoh app, visiting our website, calling us on 0861 944 996 or contacting us at info@whizzoh.co.za.



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