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Five benefits of installing a solar geyser in your home

A costly need, hot water can draw a significant amount of the energy you use in your home, but there are ways to reduce expenses, and solar geysers are the best option of them all.

Some people do use geysers which run on gas or oil, but many rely on electricity to heat water in geysers, which is the most expensive way to generate the power you need to ensure you have regular access to hot water.

Costs can be reduced with various methods of energy saving, such as using less water in a bath or switching off electric-powered geysers once the water is hot.

There is another way, however, that you can reduce power usage by drawing green energy from the sun.

Solar geysers offer an efficient and sustainable way to ensure you have hot water whenever you need it, while reducing your overall use of fossil fuels or electricity and benefiting the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

More efficient

Solar geysers are very efficient, converting up to 80% of radiation from the sun into the heat energy required to obtain the hot water you need. Rather than converting solar energy by using panels, solar water heaters can draw their own power directly from the sun.

Reduced costs

As a renewable source of energy, solar power is free, saving you money on gas or electricity. Though it does require an initial investment, a solar geyser is cheaper in the long run, resulting in a decrease of up to 90% on your water-heating bill.

Save space

The average home requires between one and three solar water heater panels, which usually take up less space than photovoltaic panels.

And if you don’t want your roof being covered in solar panels, a solar geyser is a great option.

Low maintenance

Solar water heaters do not require a great deal of maintenance as they do not contain any moving parts.

They do need to be cleaned, and some maintenance is required on the valves, but that’s about it, and solar geysers usually last for up to 25 years.

Better for the environment

Using solar power reduces dependence on fossil fuels which are released into the atmosphere, and assists in saving the environment.

Solar energy also produces no waste or noise pollution.

While there are some disadvantages to using solar geysers – including installation costs and solar panels requiring sufficient sunlight to draw energy – the positives outweigh the negatives and there are far more benefits to choosing this option for your home.

All service providers hired through Whizzoh are fully accredited and vetted professionals, ensuring you won’t run into fly-by-night operators when installing a solar geyser.

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