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Making It Work: Five Big Ideas For Small Gardens

It might require a bit of imagination, but small gardens give you a chance to be more creative in an attempt to keep your space looking good.

Aside from some other real benefits, not least of all being low costs and maintenance, your small garden, balcony, rooftop or courtyard can still turn heads while providing you with plenty of solace.

You can make any garden an enjoyable, relaxing space, no matter the size, by considering what you want out of it and making use of every centimetre.

Think vertically

Save precious space by working with walls and fences to allow your garden to climb.

Window boxes are a great way to display flowers, while plants like ivy (or various vegetables) can be used to frame your space or create additional shade.

Add your own touch by designing a vertical planter or use picture frames to frame plants on walls for some additional character.

Expand visual space

Perhaps the easiest way to make a small garden look bigger is to add mirrors.

Aside from stretching the visual space, mirrors also reflect more light, making your space feel less enclosed.

In addition, well-placed lights can create a sense of extra space after the sun goes down.

Shelves and hooks

Save valuable surface space by using shelves and hooks to raise pots and plants.

You can use old pallets or wooden planks to build a shelving unit, which can house several tiers of pot-grown herbs and vegetables or keep smaller garden accessories.

Add a few hooks at the top for some hanging baskets, in order to add some variety, or place a hanging chair in the corner for when you need some rest and a bit of peace.

A splash of colour

Plants offer a wide range of bright colours that can be used to give your small garden some spark.

Various tones can be used to give patios and decks a fresh look during Spring and Summer, and you can add some texture by whitewashing bricks or refreshing weathered wood.

The contrast of colours against a white backdrop, in particular, can help your space look bigger.

Whatever assistance you need in your small garden, Whizzoh can connect you to experienced, certified professionals in your area who are available at a convenient time.

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