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How To Plan A Bathroom Renovation

Renovating your bathroom can do wonders in terms of upgrading your home, but it can be costly and disruptive.

Planning in advance, and knowing what you want, is key to a successful remodelling and ensuring your bathroom looks just the way you want it.

Here are a few ways to make sure the potentially disruptive process is completed as quickly and easily as possible.


A bathroom remodel can take up to a week to complete, or even longer, depending on how many changes you want to make.

You\’ll need to ensure you can go without your bathroom space while this work is being done.

Renovating one bathroom at a time will allow you and your family to continue living your lives relatively undisrupted until the work is complete.



Colour and texture are crucial to the \”feel\” of your bathroom, so you\’ll need to have some foresight in terms of the overall look. White is safe and never gets old. Cool white creates a crisp, clean look, while off-white will warm up a dark space. You might want to complement it with some darker shades, in line with current trends, such as blue, green or black.



Another key feature of any bathroom is the surface you choose to line the floors and the walls.

Picking water resistant flooring is crucial, and tiles or vinyl are popular options because they are easy to install.

Choosing a colour for your flooring that matches the rest of the bathroom is also important to ensure your space looks cohesive.

Differently shaped tiles can give your floor a unique look, while heated floors can give your bathroom a warmer feeling.



Well-lit bathrooms can make your space look larger while making it easier to do day-to-day things such as shaving or applying makeup.

If you are unable to add more lights, as this can be a destructive and costly process, try using fixtures which hold multiple bulbs.

It\’s also important to ensure the lighting matches the rest of the bathroom\’s decor and design.



Changing the plumbing and/or electrical layout of your bathroom can also be costly, but if you want to move things around, this might be necessary.

Speak to the designer before you start remodelling so you can plan in advance how much work is required.

Plumbing can also add significant time to the period required to complete the job, but the commitment can have significant outcomes, making your bathroom look as good as new.

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