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Connect Your Household And Your Family Through Home Automation

Though it might seem a little overwhelming at first, automating your home can be done with the assistance of experienced professionals, giving you remote electronic control of your household, activities, functions and appliances.

Making your home and your life more convenient and secure, there are a wide range of benefits to home automation, but where do you begin?

Successfully setting up a 21st century home comes down to a few key elements.


Start small

While you can ultimately link various parts of your household, it\’s best to start small with one or two appliances before expanding, in order for you and your family to adapt to the technical aspects of your new home.

The most common applications of home automation are lighting control, heating and air conditioning, outdoor irrigation, kitchen appliances and security systems.

For non-smart enabled devices, smart plugs and switches can also be used to control appliances like fans, some lights and even coffee pots.

By starting in one area of your home, it makes it easier to expand into others, gradually adding more to your automated system.


Select a platform

When choosing a platform to use, there are a variety of options which allow you to control and manage your household remotely.

This can be done through an app on a computer or mobile device, using digital assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, or through a SmartHub which links your mobile device or digital assistant to appliances and devices.

In order to maximise the compatibility between your devices, it\’s best to use devices that work with multiple smart home systems, but you will need to select a central application.


Ecosystem options

– Amazon Alexa

– Apple HomeKit

– Google Assistant

– Samsung SmartThings


Expand your system

Once your platform has been set up and connected to some appliances, you will probably want to add more devices, giving you more control of your home.

When you expand your system, it\’s important to try and achieve balance between the control of entertainment, security and utilities.

While smart home devices and appliances can be costly, the more you are able to connect, the easier it will be to manage your household.

Some smart devices will be easier to connect and control than others, and hiring an experienced expert can make the setup process a whole lot easier than trying to do it yourself.

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