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A fresh start: Home maintenance tips for the new year

While most resolutions might not see the end of January, the new year does give us an opportunity for a fresh start and there is no better time to spring clean your home.

It\’s not an easy process, but tackling the areas which are harder to clean will ensure your home looks as good as it makes you and your family feel, and it will ensure you remain proud of your house whenever someone pops in for a visit.

Home maintenance isn\’t a one-day job, and putting together a plan to tackle various areas (both inside and outside) is a great way to get everything done without overwhelming yourself with a long list of challenging chores.

By cleaning one or two things every few days, or whenever you get the time, can ensure you ultimately get it all done, and creating a schedule will help you stick to a plan to achieve your home maintenance goals.

Though most people are more likely to focus on regularly cleaning the inside of their homes, the aesthetic value of keeping things clean and tidy outside can be just as significant and beneficial, though you might need assistance to get it all done.


Indoor maintenance


Clean out the pantry

Over time, old food containers can build up and take up space. Cleaning out the pantry can also ensure open boxes and bottles of food don\’t go off or attract unwanted pests.


Defrost the freezer and refrigerator

It takes time to remove everything from these appliances, switch them off and allow them to defrost, but it gives you a chance to remove built-up ice and throw away food that nobody is eating.


Deep clean the oven

Another challenging appliance to clean, this is also crucial to keep you and your family happy and healthy. Grease and smoke can collect inside your oven, and scrubbing it clean can ensure your cooked meals taste the way they should.


Clean shower heads and taps

Though it\’s not something we think about often, shower heads and taps also need to be cleaned, in order to get rid of any grime which has collected over time.


Tighten loose handles and railings

Loose door handles can be a nuisance and loose railings on stairs and balconies can be dangerous. Tightening them will keep your family safe, and it can be done quickly and easily with a screwdriver and a spanner.


Fixing dripping taps

If it is only a worn valve that needs to be replaced, fixing a dripping tap is an inexpensive fix while saving you money.


Outdoor maintenance


Check and clean gutters

This can be a dangerous exercise and calling a qualified professional is advised as you will need to climb a ladder or get on the roof, but it is a crucial element in keeping water flowing away from your home when it rains.


Trim shrubs, bushes and trees

Plants that keep growing can make your garden look untidy if they are not managed. Using hedge clippers or calling a landscaper can keep your home looking good and prevent an excess of leaves falling on the ground.


Clean the walls

Over time, rain water and mud can make the walls of your house and around your garden dirty, but this is nothing a hose pipe and a cloth can\’t fix. Repainting a wall can give your house an instant face lift, although it will cost a bit more.


Run water in unused areas

Another long-term effect of rain and mud is that unused areas of your home can collect in places which you don\’t use, such as behind sheds and pool pumps. Spraying these areas with water goes a long way in keeping your garden clean and tidy.


Check and clean the pool pump filter

The more dirt that gets into your swimming pool pump, the less effective it will be. Cleaning out the filter can keep the water sparkling blue.

Other areas


Put away holiday decor

We all know how long the tree and other decorations can stay up. Don\’t let it bug you. Take some time and get it done so it\’s out the way.


Clean out and tidy the garage

A chore which nobody wants to do, cleaning out the garage is a great way to clear up space in your home. Finding ways to pack things in an efficient way can make your space look neater, and cleaning the floor and shelves can get rid of dust. Using a reliable refuse removal service provider will help you complete the job by removing all trash and waste, old paint cans and buckets and any other unwanted items.


Replace filters in air conditioners

In order to ensure your family and visitors are breathing clean air, replacing the filters in your air conditioners has tremendous health benefits. If you\’re not sure how, call an expert to help you out.


Clean windows inside and outside

Keeping windows clean is time consuming, but it makes your entire house look a lot cleaner. If you\’re not up to doing it yourself, this is another area where professionals can do it properly without any mess or fuss.


Inspect fire extinguishers

For safety reasons, it is important to regularly check that your fire extinguishers are both full and working. The last thing you want is to have a fire in your home with no way to put it out.


Cleaning your home, whether inside or out, is a necessity for health, safety and aesthetic reasons, but it can be challenging in terms of time, effort and expertise.

Fortunately, hiring professionals to assist is quick, easy and convenient with Whizzoh, making the process a whole lot easier for you and your family.

Find out more by visiting us at https://www.whizzoh.co.za/ or download the Whizzoh app today.


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