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Standards are key: Why it’s important to use accredited and vetted service providers

When you need work done around your house, it\’s crucial to ensure the service providers you hire are both accredited in their fields and vetted in advance.

This not only guarantees the safety of you, your family and your visitors, but it also ensures the work is completed correctly and efficiently.

When hiring a professional who provides any DIY service, there are some important aspects to take into account, and there are various reasons why qualified, certified experts are always a better choice than people who are hired without any background information.

Quality service

When you hire someone who hasn\’t been vetted, you are at risk of relying on a service provider who isn\’t qualified in their field.

Not only can this be a problem in the sense that your problem might not be solved, but it can become a long-term issue because work that is not done properly can have a run-on effect and cause damage in other areas of your home.

When you call an individual to help you with DIY issues, it\’s crucial to ensure they know what they are doing and have the experience and qualifications to offer a professional service.

Operational efficiency

When you need work done around your house, the last thing you need is for it to be dragged out, causing an extended disruption in the lives of you and your family.

Some work requires rooms in your house to be emptied while the job is being done, limiting the use of your home, while equipment and tools which are lying around can also get in the way.

By hiring a certified professional with experience, you can make sure your service provider gets the job done quickly, creating limited disturbance in your house.

Reduced liability

If there is a problem with your DIY issue once it has been fixed, accredited professionals offer guarantees which won\’t leave you high and dry.

In addition, the services provided by qualified experts fall within South African insurance standards, ensuring any work completed around your home will be covered in your insurance policy.

By using the Whizzoh app, you can also rest assured that you are satisfied with the work that has been done, because complaints will be investigated and rectified before the service provider gets paid.

All service providers you hire through Whizzoh are fully accredited and vetted by us, ensuring you won’t run into fly-by-night operators when you rely on our app.

Star ratings given by users also help you choose someone who is reliable and competent.

For more information download the Whizzoh app on iOS or Android devices, visit our website, contact us at info@whizzoh.co.za or call us on 0861 944 996.


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