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Keeping Up With The Latest Trends In Kitchen Renovations

General trends change every season and kitchen designs are no different.

So, what can you do to keep up with the latest chic choices in home renovations, and how can you ensure you are proud to showcase your kitchen to neighbours and friends?

A natural touch

Natural materials are popular this season, including granite, marble and wood.

Aside from their aesthetic quality, which can add real value to the look of your kitchen, these materials add warmth and depth.

Classical wood kitchen cabinets are in this year, as is hardwood flooring, another classic option that always works.

Create space with mirrors

Mirrored glass has moved into the kitchen, making a wonderful addition for cabinet ideas.

Mirrors can also be added to backsplashes, reflecting natural light and visually expanding your space.

Another fine touch, glass cabinets allow you to display your favourite dishware and glasses, making it easier to find what you need.

Play with patterns

By applying a creative approach to directional patterns, you can make your cupboard interiors and backsplashes stand out.

There\’s no need to end a kitchen backsplash with a straight, horizontal line. Curvaceous silhouettes can prove far more enticing.

It is also worth exploring the possibility of tiling your backsplashes with a range of available patterns.

Use glazed tiles

A current trend has seen a shift away from matt finishes and a move towards gloss.

Regardless of the colour, glazed tiles will reflect light around the room and, as a welcome bonus, they are easy to clean.

 Seasonal colours

For your kitchen to be displayed in the most fashionable colours this year, your safest bet is green, but lighter shades of blue are also in.

There is a definite trend towards colours with more impact, and bright green works well with wood and other earthy hues.

Bold contrasts are also in style, like splashing together a darker green and a brighter pink.

Keep appliances hidden

By finding ways to blend your appliances into the rest of the kitchen, you can weave a seamless feel throughout your space.

To counter storage challenges, homeowners are also looking for innovative solutions within the cabinetry, including small appliance garages, drawer dividers and roll-out trays.

Keeping up with trends in home design can indeed be a challenge, and though it\’s always best to go with your gut feel when creating your own space, it also helps to have experienced, certified professionals who can help make your kitchen dreams a reality.

Whizzoh\’s extensive network of vetted service providers offer remodelling and upgrades, allowing you to expand or personalise your space with no mess and no fuss.


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