About us

Just like you, we’ve experienced the frustrations of not being able to get someone to help during a crisis.

We’ve all experienced blocked drains, leaking taps, plug points that stop working, and a myriad other home-based problems that need fixing – now!

We’ve also all experienced the frustration of finding someone to come and fix it. First, you need to look for suppliers – like plumbers, electricians, builders – who are reasonably close to you. Then, you need to call or email each one in turn to get a quote, then select one and try to find a time that they are available that’s convenient for you.

At every step on this journey, there’s a potential for delays – emails don’t get answered for a day or two, the quotes take even longer, the supplier isn’t available for another three or four days… and your problem is getting bigger by the day.

Finding a solution

Well, you know what they say – if there isn’t a solution to your problem, create one!

So we decided to create Whizzoh, the app that puts you immediately in touch with service providers in your area, gets a quote and lets you know who is available right away – and you don’t need to spend hours on the phone or sending emails.

We asked ourselves what’s the most important thing when it comes to solving household crises, and we realised the answer was “time”.

Nobody wants to wait for hours or days for a quote.

Nobody wants to spend an entire day at home waiting for the contractor to arrive.

Nobody wants to waste hours or days trying to solve a crisis – we all have too many other things to do!

So that’s what we focused on. Finding a way to make responses faster and simpler, and making sure the work gets done quickly and professionally, at a convenient time for you.

The result? Whizzoh, the app that puts crisis-solving power at your fingertips.